A series: In Conversation with Sante

A series: In Conversation with Sante

A series: In Conversation with Curated Loop's Visionaries

Curated Loop is all about the magic of fashion – timeless, narrative-driven, and championing independent designers. Our mission is to connect these visionary creators with fashion enthusiasts (aka you), all while promoting sustainability and style.

Enter our newest blog series: "In Conversation with Curated Loop's Visionaries." This series takes you behind the scenes with our remarkable partner designers. We'll explore their past collections, personal style, and reveal the artistry behind their designs.

For our first in the series, we are in conversation with Sante, a London born and raised handbag designer making waves in the industry. Click below to read more.

Introducing SANTE: A vibrant connection between continents through fashion. Founded in January 2020, Sante ethically sources beads from Accra, Ghana, and crafts handmade beaded bags and accessories. Preserving the cultural significance of beads in Africa, her vision is to make a positive impact globally with colourful creations. Inspired by the richness of Arts, Music, Fashion, and Culture in Ghana.


Lauren: I love all of your pieces, the beading is so unique. What made you choose to explore this medium?  

Sante: Thank you for your kind words! I chose to explore beading as a medium because of its incredible versatility and the opportunity it offers for intricate and unique designs. It is also something my family have been doing for generations. 

Lauren: How would you say that your Ghanaian culture translates into your designs?

Sante: It's a rich source of inspiration, from the vibrant colors and patterns to the traditional craftsmanship. 

Lauren: How much are your bags a reflection of your current life and surroundings?

Sante: My bags are a reflection of my life and surroundings. They draw inspiration from my experiences, travels, and the fun  I see in everyday life. 

Lauren: What pieces of work are you most proud of?

Sante: I'm proud of many pieces, but if I had to choose, the Junction bag is definitely a standout. It's a personal favorite and is named after the area I am from. 

Lauren: Are there any new collections coming up soon?

Sante: Yes! You'll have to wait and see  

 Lauren: Talk to us about what it means to you to run your own creative business?

Sante: Running my own creative business is incredibly fulfilling. It means freedom to express myself and bring my ideas to life. It also comes with challenges, but the satisfaction of seeing my creations in the hands of happy customers makes it all worthwhile. 

Lauren: What does community mean to you in this space?

Sante: Community in this space means everything to me. It's about connecting with like-minded individuals who share a passion for creativity and design. It's a support system that encourages growth and collaboration. 

 Lauren: Your brand is praised for sound ethics and sustainability, how do you incorporate these practices into your design and production processes? 

Sante: I prioritize ethical production processes. This includes sourcing materials responsibly and minimizing waste in production. It's essential for me to create beautiful products that also contribute positively to the planet. 

Lauren: What design challenges do you face with your brand?

Sante: Design challenges are part of the creative process. One common challenge is balancing aesthetics with functionality. It's essential that my pieces are not only beautiful but also practical for everyday use 

Lauren: When designing, who is the person you have in mind?

Sante: When designing, I have someone in mind who appreciates artistry and uniqueness. My designs are for individuals who want to make a statement with their accessories and appreciate the cultural significance behind them 

Lauren: For someone starting their own designer brand, what are the three most important pieces of advice you would give them? 


  1. Just start 
  2. Ask questions 
  3. Find people on the same journey as you 

Lauren: Describe your personal style of clothing?

Sante: Casual and comfy but I do want to be more extravagant with my style  

Lauren: What is your ultimate goal for your bag line?

Sante: My ultimate goal for my accessories range is to see it embraced globally. I want my brand to be synonymous with quality, creativity, and ethical practices in the fashion world 


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