Curated Loop Unveils an Exclusive Wardrobe of Tastemakers: “The Curators.”

Curated Loop Unveils an Exclusive Wardrobe of Tastemakers: “The Curators.”

Curated Loop Unveils an Exclusive Wardrobe of Tastemakers: “The Curators.”

At Curated Loop, we're all about redefining the fashion experience. As a London-based designer-led clothing rental platform, our aim is to transform the way people access fashion in the city and beyond. Our commitment to curating an elevated selection of innovative designers has made us a destination for fashion enthusiasts looking to explore and experiment with cutting-edge style. And now, we're taking things up a notch by introducing an exciting new section dedicated to our favorite Industry tastemakers, whom we refer to as "Curators," and opening up their wardrobes to you, our community.

Borrow from the Curators

What makes our new offering truly special is the chance to borrow directly from the wardrobes of these individuals. Ever imagined wearing the very pieces that your favorite fashion influencer, designer, and stylists have worn and cherish? Well… now you can. 

How It Works

Similarly to our Designers page, you’ll be able to explore the profiles of our favorite tastemakers, gaining insight into their style, fashion philosophies, and, of course, their wardrobe collections. From there, it's just a few clicks to borrow a piece and make it yours (temporarily!)

Beyond the Wardrobe

‘Beyond the wardrobe’, a concept that will see our Curators embed into the community. As we grow this facet of the platform, we’ll be introducing you to each and every individual, from spotlighted journal posts to exclusive fashion events and instagram lives.

At Curated Loop

The fashion world is evolving, and we're aiming to be at the forefront, pushing boundaries and providing fashion enthusiasts with unparalleled opportunities to immerse themselves in the art of style.

In an era where sustainability and style are at the forefront of fashion conversations, Curated Loop aims to stand as a shining example of how innovation and creativity can redefine the industry. With our new section dedicated to Curators and their wardrobes, we're emphasising that fashion is not just about what you wear, but the story your outfit tells and how it makes you feel. 

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