Meet the Founders A&R

Meet the Founders A&R

Meet CL Founders

Anna & Rachel. 

Curated Loop has been a while in the making. Back in 2018, Rachel had an epiphany about sharing her wardrobe with her friends. The idea snowballed into a peer to peer rental company and in early 2019, she hosted multiple rent events across London for like minded women, only to be halted due to a global pandemic.


By 2021, the market had changed, rental had hit the mainstream, but online sites were saturated with the same things. She teamed up with long time friend, Anna, and together they developed the concept into something unique. Both shared a strong vision for what they believed the future of fashion looked like: innovative and sustainable. Both come from a fashion background, meaning they both witness to how much waste was created with sample sets & deadstock, and also how seemingly difficult it was to find independent designers in the first place. How did these amazing brands have such little visibility in the market?


They set about creating an online space for their community to access these stunning, unique pieces. Curated Loop is that platform. It champions these brands, from emerging to innovative and sustainable designers, they curate a special edit for their trend driven community. Style, innovation and circularity is at the core of this tech and community first company. They see emerging designers and circularity as the future, and welcome you on the journey.


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