Oxwash: Meet our eco-laundry partner

Oxwash: Meet our eco-laundry partner


Meet our eco-laundry partner


"Oxwash was founded with the explicit goal of proving that we can wash clothes and textiles with no net impact on our ecosystems and communities" Kyle Grant, founder and CEO.


Meet our eco-laundry partner, Oxwash. How they wash their clothes is an essential, yet often overlooked part of sustainability in fashion. They wash garments with Oxwash (aptly named), a Certified B Corporation which utilises innovative wet cleaning technology. They use water and biodegradable detergents, rather than carcinogenic solvents used in traditional dry cleaning. Oxwash minimises the impact of washing on the environment whilst maintaining premium quality wash and hand-finished treatment. ‘Oxwashers’ collect and deliver laundry by electric cargo bike or electric van. The company has already achieved carbon neutrality through carbon removal projects and aims to be fully net zero (including supply chain) by 2028. By completely re-engineering the laundry technology, Oxwash has achieved clinical-grade hygiene, huge water and CO2 savings, and has prevented billions of microplastic fibres from entering the oceans.


Washing with Oxwash delivers a brighter future for all high-value rental clothing items in the Curated Loop range. Rigorous quality controls, ambient temperature of washing and high-tech equipment ensure dresses, suits, and jackets maintain their shape, size and brightness; guaranteeing no colour run, shrinkage or degradation. So we can keep the garments in the Loop for longer.


 For further information on their services, you can visit their website at www.oxwash.com 

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