Quiver X Curated Loop

Quiver X Curated Loop

Curated Loop Partners with Quiver for Emissionless Delivery

At Curated Loop, our commitment to sustainable fashion knows no bounds. We're dedicated to providing you with stylish choices that not only make you look good but also make the planet feel good. In our journey towards a more sustainable future, we're excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Quiver, an emissionless delivery service, that's set to redefine how you experience eco-conscious fashion.

Quiver shares our passion for sustainability. They are pioneering emissionless delivery, setting new standards for last-mile delivery services. Their fleet of emissionless vehicles is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions, ensuring that your Curated Loop selections reach you with minimal environmental impact.

The Partnership: Fashion Delivery, Reinvented

Our partnership with Quiver marks an exciting milestone in our sustainability journey. Together, we're not just delivering fashion; we're delivering a message of eco-consciousness and convenience:

  • Sustainable Fashion, Delivered Sustainably: With Quiver's emissionless delivery service, your Curated Loop selections are now delivered to your doorstep in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It's a perfect match for our commitment to sustainable fashion.

  • Efficiency Meets Convenience: This partnership enhances your Curated Loop experience. It means fast, live trucked and emissionless delivery that complements the convenience and style you've come to expect from us.

  • A Smaller Carbon Footprint: By renting from Curated Loop, you're already reducing fashion's carbon footprint. Now, with Quiver, we're taking that commitment one step further, making sure your choices are delivered to you with the planet in mind.

  • Empowering Sustainable Choices: Together, Curated Loop and Quiver empower you to make sustainable fashion choices effortlessly. It's about more than just renting clothes; it's a statement of support for a greener, more sustainable fashion future.


As a Curated Loop enthusiast, you can continue to rent the latest trends from us, knowing that, our trusted partner, Quiver's emissionless vehicles will deliver them to your door, further reducing your personal carbon footprint.

The Future of Fashion Delivery Is Sustainable

Curated Loop and Quiver's partnership is leading the way in showing that sustainability, innovation, and fashion can go hand in hand. The fashion industry is evolving, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.

This partnership represents our commitment to delivering a greener, more stylish future. Stay in the Loop for more updates as Curated Loop and Quiver continue to make sustainable fashion delivery the new norm.

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