What are clothing Samples and why would I rent them?

What are clothing Samples and why would I rent them?


Curated Loop partners with designers to rent out samples, dead stock and previous season collections. But why?

Dead Stock and samples are a key part of the fashion industry, but they often come with a high environmental cost and are commonly wasted, even though final samples are normally always production quality.

For context, brands design collections, producing numerous samples per item. What is then actually made (aka what goes into production), is a small selection of these items, an edit from the design team or based on what's been ordered by wholesalers.

With brands producing up to 6 collections a year, that can equate to a lot of waste.  

On top of that, it's estimated that fashion brands produce more than 15 billion garments yearly. And of those garments, an estimated 20% never sell. 

In sort, it's a lot of wasted fabric and resource. Much of this unsold merchandise either gathers dust, ends up in landfills or in some cases, is incinerated.

One way to reduce fashion's environmental impact, is to utilise the merchandise instead. Dead stock is unsold merchandise that's languishing in warehouses and storerooms. By renting dead stock, you're giving new life to things that would otherwise go to waste.

We work with our partners to Curate a selection of these and ultimately keep them in the Loop. 

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